Centris Sundays

Every Sunday, our family either eats out or goes to Eton Centris.
Here is a simple blog entry about the various food items that can be bought here. 

#1: Healthy First Carrot Juice
Never in a million years will I ever like anything carrot (except carrot cake) . That is what I thought until I tasted this. Seriously, this is the best Carrot Juice ever. Also, if you're on a diet, they offer no sugar drinks and it tastes the same! 

#2: Manang Q's Ilocos Empanada
My ates and I actually call this "Ilo-Emp" for short. This is the best thing in this place. They use real Green Papaya, unlike other Ilocos Empanada stalls that use toge. 

Perfect Combination <3

#3: Sausage
I'm sorry, but I don't know where my mom bought this, but it's really good!

#4: Ice Cream
This is cheese ice cream, but I prefer the Gabi one. 

#5: Red Velvet Cakes

#6: Gng. Bukid Raspberry Layer Cake
Every time I go to Centris, I always buy a red velvet cupcake from Gng. Bukid (because their cupcakes are soooooo milky and good) but because they ran out, today I bought this. I do ot regret it! It tastes lemon squares <3 

So far, that's all I can recommend. :) But here are a few pictures of the other things found here.

Daddy waiting for his Lumpia 


Eton Centris.

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