Rain Monster!

So, earlier today, it rained so hard in Taft Ave.  While it did, I was walking down the street under the safety of my super umbrella. Everything was fine until the wind blew and broke it (I know, not so super). It flipped to the other direction and it broke. So what I did was I ran to school in a way that would put the main characters of drama films to shame...aside from the fact that I was dripping wet, my mascara had run down my face (ayan kasi, pamasca-mascara pa -____- ) and I looked like the matchmaker from Mulan. The lady guard even felt that it was a situation so severe that she let me pass without me scanning my ID. Before I could, she told me "Ate, sige pasok na po kayo".  Despite that, though, it was quite a good day :) I'll be cozying up in my condo and watching Princess Hours while eating Ddukbboki. So, have a good rest day, guys :) Please don't forget to pray for those who do not have shelter.

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