Relationships are really hard. One moment, everything is perfect, the next thing you suddenly find yourself in the middle of such a complicated and complex web you've spun around you and that person you love, and you're trapped, and the only way to get out of there is to cut everything and let your little spider self free...Am I really comparing myself to a spider? :)) But seriously, it sucks. And let me tell you, it ain't easy when it ends. You cry and you cry and you try to pull yourself together, but in the end, nothing changes, everything is still the same for everyone... but for you.

After a long talk with my amazing superhero dad, and my amazing friends who allow me to be so clingy, I just told myself what I needed to hear to actually start the process of moving on. People always tell people "forget about it!" or they tell you to just party and drink and eat it all out. But for me, it doesn't work that way. Forgetting is okay, but not the the extent of not actually acknowledging the fact that something that once was amazing happened in your life. Take the good experiences with you for keeps, and the bad ones, you learn from. Now, this is easier said then done. I know how tempting it is to look back into the good memories and then think "Wahuhuhu I seriously need him in my life! I cannot go on without him!!" yeah...that was me a few days back. I even texted him at night to tell him I love him...oops. Yes, you will have days like that. But I promise you, you have to believe in yourself, give yourself a chance to actually make new memories happen! Life isn't all about romance and finding the one. Life is actually empowering yourself to do what you love. Life is not about falling in love with ideas or what could've been or falling in love with one single moment in your life. Life is about falling in love with the idea of what's out there for you! Life is recognizing that life doesn't move on because it wants to leave you behind. Life goes on, because it wants to take you to your next adventure. And your relationship is just one facet of it. There is so much in store for you! You have to realize that this amazing life was made for you! That's how great and empowered you are!

I'm gonna end this really long blog post with this one last point. Always remember, that that there  more to life than here and now. I'm not saying don't be contented,  all I'm saying is that it's okay to let go. Because you know what? Letting go is knowing that you, yourself, deserve a new adventure! It's hard but, konting tiis lang, kaya mo yan :) 

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  1. "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together"
    -Marilyn Monroe