So, here we are, about to end the second leg of our trip. Time flies by so fast! 
Washington now holds a dear place in my heart, 
I've love exploring the many many parks, and lakes, and towns and streets, and I've loved learning about the history of America and of the world, but the most significant thing about this trip was the presence and the company of family. Thank you Tita Cecile, Tito Sonny, Kuya Micah, Ate Misha, Kuya Jacob and Ate Richa! :) 

Our first stop was Georgetown! Where these lovely cupcakes were: 

We also had frozen hot chocolate Serendipity!

Then we ended our day by visiting the Meridian Park 

For the second day, the EU embassies were have open houses! But, we only got to visit Spain (cause the lines were super long), then after, we went to the Jefferson Memorial, followed by the Lincoln one. 

For the third day, we visited the Smithsonian National American History Museum, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian Art Gallery. I took pictures of the details of art that I liked. 

The next day, we visited the Library of Congress, the Capitol, and the Botanic Gardens. 

Then at night, we had Ice Cream and walked by the Potomac lake

Thank you, Washington! :) 

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