We went to Northern Mindanao, and it was such an adventure! 

In Camuguin (our first stop), we stayed at this very quaint place called Casa Roca. They served awesome and affordable food which was great cause half of the time, all I could think of was food @-) 

View from Casa Roca

I remember the driver stopped the multi-cab just so that we cold go down and take a picture of this beatiful view. That small thing there that looks like a light house is actually the sunken cemetery, which you will see in a while. 

This is the sunken cemetery. We didn't go into the water to see the ruins, It's nice that they preserved such a thing, though. 

 This cross is part of the ruins of the church when Mt. Vulkan exploded. 

The church was situated by the sea, which made the ruins more dramatic :)

We took a bangka in order to get to the White Beach. Look at those mountains! 

The white beach was reaaaaaaally breath taking, it's been a while since I've seen a beach this beautiful @-) 

We then went to Katibawasan falls, where we ate Kiping. 

This is Mantigue Island where we swam among the fishies in their sanctuary :) 

This is a small pinapple taken on the way to Dahilayan :) 

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