This is what we saw in Bali. ( Well, this and A LOT of nice furniture) 

These two pictures were taken at an art market in Bali, which was very small, but they had a loooooot of paintings and decor

We had lunch at a restaurant on top of this river:

It was rainy when we went, which was a shame, but that didn't stop us from going to the temples! 

The next pictures are of the Taman Ayun Temple

And then, Tannah Lot, which was situated at the edge of a cliff. It was simply breathtaking! 

This was taken at Sanur Beach. This is a Balinese offering. These pretty little things were everywhere! 

This picture is of a temple inside an authentic Balinese home. 

I told you they were everywhere! 

This is a wood craftsman. In Bali, ( Ubud ) each village had different specializations, for this town, I guess it was wood carving.

This is a public temple we visited. 

As I mentioned before, each town had different specializations. 

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