Before I go

So, I haven't blogged in a while :( Life has been quite hectic recently, but thankfully I still had time to take quite a few pictures. I saved these photos from facebook ( I know, HUGE MISTAKE cause fb ruins the quality) buuuuuuuuuuut at least I have a copy of them! So yay! To my non-existent readers, you've probably seen these photos if you follow me on instagram or if you're my friend on facebook. Here's an explanation or the story behind these photos.

The underwater challenge ( With Beatriz Yu ) : 
The concept of underwater photo shoot seemed simple enough. You just take an underwater camera, and shoot. BUT NOOOO I had the hardest time shooting Bea because One, I HAD NO GOGGLES so I couldn't see anything ( yikes ) and two, I forgot to factor in the fact that I cannot breathe underwater....So, I'll definitely be trying this again next time until I get more shots that I like. 

The rooftop project ( With Kayla Go and Ida Anduyan ) 
I like rooftops. This is why this photo shoot remains to be one of my most favorite. This was actually unplanned. We were just in Taft and I suggested we go to the rooftop of my condo and shoot. 

 The BGC walk : 
I was actually anxious that night  because I was going to be staying in the condo alone. I think it shows in my pictures what I felt. 

How I took this shot, I will never tell ( bwahahahahaha evil laugh! )

 Ayala Triangle ( With Trish Molina and Beatriz Yu ) 
I had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Gerard del Mundo and learned quite a few things. 

 6 a. m walk ( With Kuya Guard and Hello Kitty ) 
I like walking around the village. I also hadn't taken pictures for a while ( at that time ) so I went out and practiced.

 This was taken in Batangas ( Lipa ) . I practically had to drag my sister to shoot, but it was okay. 

This was taken in Bataan, during our office outing ( I'm old enough to have an office outing?? ) I forgot the name of the place, but it was quite nice. 

 This was in the beach behind my sister's school in Dagupan. 
I added a lot of filters here, but it's still one of the best sunsets I've seen. 

So, that's all for now! 

Here's to new adventures :) 

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