So today, I've decided to do another "photo shoot". I just couldn't handle my emotions because I was watching To a Beautiful You. ( A koreanovela) So to take a break from all of that I decided to do this instead. After bribing my brothers and sisters to no avail, I realized that I had to do this by myself, so my model for today :( huhu

I was actually inspire by my dad's Digital Photographer's Magazine (the one where they gave 70 tips on how to take photos better). I wanted to make the pictures monochrome after shooting them, but I realized, some were better colored because the pictures lacked texture and shadows. Nonetheless, I did make some black and white. 

This is our "studio" at home.
This was the backlight that I used for the photos. 
One of the first shots. I wanted to bring out the profile but I was too far from the light. 
The "profile" shot. I'm a bit upset that the light wasn't sharp enough, though.
The "drama" shot. There's something lacking in this picture though. Maybe if my background were all black, it would work?

The E.T shot! My hands were shaking when I took this :)) I think I wanted to add a little "personality" to the picture that's why I did the hand thing. 
The Messy Hair Shot. :-s I can't say anything about this picture. I don't know why, I just can't :)) 

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