Little Moments

The following pictures are just snippets of the moments that made my year. It really was a great year, and I wanted to give tribute to it through posting some of the pictures of the events of this year. So many things happened, though! I wish I could show you just how many memories me, my family and my friends made this year, but since I dont have super powers, here is 2012 in pictures! :) 

So this is a picture from New Year 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan with the family <3 It's really so profound when you spend occasions with the best people in the best places <3 
This is from our cousin's wedding. Weddings are so beautiful and memorable! :)
Puerto Galera! Such a peaceful place :) 
This was taken in the streets of Binondo. My first real "street photography" lesson. 
On some days, I'd go home from the dorm and do random photography projects. One of these projects is this one. 
El Nido 2012! This was when my cousins cam home from Vancouver <3 
This was taken in the Gypsy's Cafe in Puerto Princesa with Ate's Colorsplash Lomo Cam that I borrowed. 
This was a "practice shoot" for my twin and my pre-debut photo shoot that never happened! hahaha! This picture actually reminds me of out debut planning days :) 
One of my "projects" again. :)

This was taken during the christening of our baby cousin :) So cute! :) 
This was taken during my friend's 18th birthday. This was when this guy and I had a loooong talk about life, after the longest time of not having heart to heart talks </3. Thank you, Mark! :) It was really insightful :) 
This was when we walked got 111000000 miles and found no candy :( It was worth it, though. 
I was hyping myself up for the holiday season <3 Haha I actually climbed a rock for this photo shoot. 
This was my first ever concert! <3 And it was a beautiful one. <3
This was taken in Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood. We were celebrating our friend's birthday, and then suddenly fireworks exploded outside the hotel room! 
This is the last photo I'm going to post. This is our family "post card". This was actually done at home. My kuya and I took turns in taking the shots. It was really a great Christmas! :) 

THANK YOU, 2012!! :) 

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