Mind Over Matter

As usual, we spent or new year in our province in Lipa, Batangas. 
I've always had a hard time taking night scenes, I did the best that I can, but they all cam out blurry :-s Anyway, this new year's celebration was really a good way to reflect on the good times and the lessons that we have learned during 2012. Goodbye, 2012! :) 
Resolutions for this year: 
Love what you do, even if you don't :-s
No more self pity 
Eat Healthy
No more hating! 
Generally be a better person :-s 
Fireworks on the ground

Kuya Abet standing too near the fireworks!

Sparklers! Always a must in a new year celebration. 

My bad ass kuya
My sister who is obviously mesmerized by the sparkler
Display under the stairs

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