So I am awake at 5: 48 am, because I can't sleep @-) Anyway, I've thought about doing this for quite sometime now, But I never really had the time or the patience to finish this, and also my ate says thatone  might dissapoint me in the end, but, snyway here it goes. This is a letter to my soulmste, my one and only, my one true love :))

Dear (Insert name here),

Hi. How are you? :) At this point in time, I haven't really met you yet. Just wait for a bit! We'll see each other really soon! :) When I meet you, I hope we don't fall in love instantly. Well, of course I hope that the first time we see each other you'll find me attractive, but I hope that's not what pushes you to actually go for me. ( I srsly doubt though because I'm a lump of crazy ) I hope that one day, when I meet you, you won't find me weird (because sometimes, I really am) , I hope that you see a unique goodness in me that you've never seen in others. I know that it won't be a fairytale where in we just live happily ever after. People have said that the people who love you the most are the ones who hurt you the most. And when you do hurt me, I hope that it won't be about spite or revenge, I hope that it will come out of love. Know that I am pretty sensitive, but don't use that as an excuse to hurt me. I promise to always stay by your side, even if you dnoecide to dye your hair red and resemble Sebastian from little mermaid, I'd probably laugh and tease you, but I won't leave you. I promise that if I do change, it will be for me and not for you. I promise to give you time for yourself, and to allow myself to miss you sometimes. Right now, I'm still trying to make sense of my brokeness, and maybe you are right now too, but I know that one day, these scars will make us into who we're meant to be, maybe they'll even be the thing that brings us together.  Anyway...I dont know how to end this letter, So see you soon? :)

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