The One With All the Circles

As time passes by, things change, and without even noticing, you find yourself somewhere you never imagined yourself to be in. Sometimes, well actually, most of the time, things change for the better. But you know, sometimes there's a part of you that misses what once was home to your heart, and I'm not just talking about one particular (and rather messy) heartbreak. I'm talking about every single thing that will never be the same again. The people you once treated your closest friends, are now just occassional ones. Your best friend who you thought was gonna be there from beginning to start, doesn't have the time or energy for you anymore. And the boy you once truly loved, has moved on and forgotten you already. And when you see them all together, it hurts all the more because you try to be normal and you try to be okay, but you know that you really can't fit into that circle anymore. Maybe it's me pushing myself away (as if they would really notice) or maybe things like these happen often, but all I kmow is one thing, in the end of the day I have to move on, with or without you. And this time, it looks like I'm doing this alone.

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