The answer

Okay. Admit it, sometimes no matter how hard you try and try to be positive, there are just days when you get so beat you just want to stop and cry. Even if you have friends who try fo comfort you, you realize that nobody can ever understand your pain. Well, as sad and vulnerable as you are right now, think about this: For sure somewhere in this world feeling the way you are. Someone out there also feels that heartbreaking pain in the morning, when you realize that you have nothing to live for. So, to the person out there reading this, you are not alone in this. Everything, from the placemement of the sprinkles in the donuts in the morning, to the rock you're bound to trip on, on your way to school or work, to the beautiful sky made for you, EVERYTHING has a reason of being here. Same goes for you. You are placed here, at this point in your life because in these times of struggle, that's when you actually prove to yourself how amazingly strong your heart is. That's when you prove to yourself how much you can go through. Withouut struggle, how will you know youre prepared for what's to come?

For me, these feelings of pain and hurt, they're bound to go away. What stays with you are the lessons. One day you will realize that you know what? Every single day is a blessing, why waste it on sulking when you can go out there and live life to the fullest as who you are? :) Take this time of pain and learna what you can learn from it, but always remember that your pain does not mean that you are alone, or that you arent enough or that it's your fault. The pain is there because without it, we can never really experience what it is to be a human, who falls and trips and fails. Without pain, we will never see life in different perspectives, we will just live life as one point to the other, not as something that actually is YOURS. So to you, if you are reading this, chin up :) youre gonna be okay :) Youre bound to be okay :)

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